BBTAN 7 YEARS by 111% (iOS and Android)


BBTAN 7 YEARS by 111% (iOS and Android)


BBTAN 7 YEARS by 111% for iOS and Android is an anniversary edition of BBTAN. It brings 4 new modes to you, for your entertainment. The same rules as in BBTAN only that there is more, mostly weird, stuff.
Try the wheel of fortune and win or lose balls as well as power ups. Don’t forget to test the card mode which gives you less place to play but with luck will bring you amazing power ups. Also play the slots mode which seems very different as it gives you smaller bricks to break as well as some new power ups. And if you score over 300 points in total you can test yourself with the destroying boss mode…
Have fun with this new special BBTAN edition!


  • – 4 new modes
    – crazy power ups
    – old game, new style



The angle you shoot at should not be too steep as you can hit more bricks with a less steep shot.

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