BOUNCY HERO by Kiseki Games (iOS and Android)


BOUNCY HERO by Kiseki Games (iOS and Android)


BOUNCY HERO by Kiseki Games for iOS and Android is a new runner game but with unique controls you have never seen before. Hold and move to move your character release to jump. Simple, right? Run by animals or jump onto them to free them, then they will follow you. Also collect amazing power ups like the magnet, rocket or giant, which get more powerful the more animals follow your character. Don’t Forget to collect coins for over 40 different characters you can unlock.
Enjoy this simple but fun runner game with its blocky design and charming animals, which run after their saver. Hold and release to jump, that’s all you need to know to start playing and saving!!


– 4 areas to play with 28 adorable animals to collect
– Over 40 unlockable heroes!
– Loads of challenging missions to complete
– Easy to play, hard to master



Don’t confuse the controls with the ones in “Tempel Run” or “Subway Surfer” as those are totally different

Publisher / Developer

Kiseki Games