BRIDGE by Ketchapp and JH Studio (iOS and Android)


BRIDGE by Ketchapp and JH Studio (iOS and Android)


BRIDGE by Ketchapp and JH Studiofor iOS and Android offers you a simple mobile game that testes your speed and foresight. Tap to change the direction of the bridges. Rotate the bridges to get your character over the holes in its path. Be careful as when you tap you rotate all the bridges.
On your path collect gems to unlock characters and don’t let your character fall. It seems easy but when you try it you’ll see that it is pretty hard. But as any game with enough practice you can master it!! Look out for mean areas and plan ahead in your mind to prevent your little character from falling and dying.


– One-tap mechanics
– Unlock different characters



You can rotate the bridges whenever you want, when your character is on or even before it hits a bridge, so look ahead and see what’s the case

Publisher / Developer

Ketchapp / JH Studio