CHARMING KEEP by Mighty Games Group (iOS and Android)


CHARMING KEEP by Mighty Games Group (iOS and Android)

(Creators of Crossy Road and Shooty Skies)


CHARMING KEEP by Mighty Games Group is a simple and easy to play clicker game for iOS and Android. MONEY is all that matters in this game. Are you ready to become the richest CEO of Charming Keep? Tap to collect money from your stores and use it to open up new stores to earn even more money. Buy shop keepers to make collecting money someone else’s job and making your wealth even bigger.
Charming Princes tend to overestimate their abilities…and it’s pretty costly in money and magic to rescue them. That’s where you come in! Rescue princes with your wealth and they will help you open up new keeps!


– Bankroll happily-ever-afters one sale at a time
– Customise your Keep
– Unlock visiting VIPS!
– Complete daily quests
– Rescue princes
– Laugh at terrible puns




Collect more royalty before opening up/switching to a new keep, this ultimately leads to more profit in the long run!

Publisher / Developer

Mighty Games Group