Disney Crossy Road Upcoming Worlds Revealed


Thanks to the folks (Lowell and Ultimer) of the Disney Crossy Road Wikia we always get a glimpse of what new world’s or characters will be added to the game. In this section of the website we will provide you an insight of the new worlds and we try to cover them all with videos.

All Disney Crossy Road Aladdin Characters revealed

The newest world that was added to the Disney Crossy Road Wikia is Aladdin. So far 19 characters have been revealed and in this video we show you all of them.

Update Overview

Location: Unknown

Traps: Unknown

Aladdin Figurines

Aladdin, Jasmine, Abu, Elephant Abu, Genie, The Sultan, Magic Carpet, Magic Lamp, Evil Genie, Jafar, Razoul, Gazeem, Beggar Jafar, Golden Scarab Beetle, Prince Ali, Prince Achmed, Snake Charmer, Rajah, Pink Flamingo

Aladdin Update Features

Ticket Machine

With the new Aladdin Update a new Ticket Machine will be added, which you can pull twice a week to get old Weekend Challenge characters.

Daily Rewards

Tickets will be added as Daily Rewards, which you can use to get Weekend Challenge Characters via the Ticket Machine.

Aladdin Secret Characters (Missions) 


Aladdin Secret Characters (Daily Missions)


Other Secret Characters added with the Aladdin Update


Weekend Challenge

The “Weekend Challenge” is a new feature that has been added with the Monsters Inc. Update. By completing all tasks of the Weekend Challenge you can unlock enchanted characters, that are only unlockable via the Weekend Challenge. Enchanted characters can pick up 10 Pixel Coins a day. The first Weekend Challenge is Pirates of the Caribbean and by completing all tasks you can unlock “Maccus” and the enchanted Character “Davy Jones”. The Daily challenge is based on a ticket system. You start with 5 lifes. When you loose a life it automatically refills after a certain time and it is quite fast. Once you die during a quest you can continue by paying tickets or you quit and loose a life. There are several ticket bundles starting from 0,99Cent up to 49,99Cents. While currently some might argue this is pay to win, Disney plans to introduce further free methods to generate Tickets with a new update. You have the option to skip quests, which costs you 15 coins.

Tip: There is a quest “Watch a Video Ad”! If you have enough coins you can skip through until you get the quest and progress a lot faster to unlock all characters. Repeat this all over again and you will have all characters quickly.



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