Disney Crossy Road Aladdin Update (September 2016)


The Disney Crossy Road Aladdin Update will be released worldwide for iOS and Android devices on the 29th of September. The Update will add round about 19 standard and secret characters of the famous Disney movie Aladdin. This update will introduce a competition of the newly added “Weekend Challenge” and the “Ticket Shop”. Since some complaints came up about the pay to win aspect of the Weekend Challenge, Disney will add a new Ticket Machine, which allows you to get Secret Characters (Enchanted) of the Weekend Challenge that you have missed. Also to defuse the pay to win aspect they will add Tickets as Daily Rewards.

All Disney Crossy Road Secret Characters Unlocked

Find out how to unlock all the Secret Characters of the new Aladdin Update!



Update Overview

Location: Agrabah Marketplace

Traps: Hot Coals

Music: One Jump Ahead

Aladdin Standard Figurines

Aladdin, Jasmine, Abu, Elephant Abu, Genie, The Sultan, Magic Carpet, Magic Lamp, Evil Genie, Iago, Jafar, Razoul, Gazeem, Beggar Jafar, Golden Scarab Beetle, Prince Ali, Prince Achmed, Snake Charmer, Rajah, Pink Flamingo

Aladdin Secret Characters (Missions) 

Pink Flamingo

To unlock the Pink Flamingo you have to complete the Agrabah Royality Set, which consists of The Sultan, Jasmine, Jafar and Iago.

Beggar Jafar

To unlock the Beggar Jafar you need to complete the Cave of Wonders Set. It consists of Aladdin, Jafar, Gazeem, Magic Carpet and the Genie.

Golden Scarab Beetle

Play as Jafar and find one hald of the golden scarab beetle and then play with Gazeem and find the other half. That way you unlock the Golden Scarab Beetle.

Magic Lamp

Play as Genie and zap 25 objects.

Aladdin Secret Characters (Daily Missions)

Snake Charmer

Complete the Daily Missions 😉

Other Secret Characters added with the Aladdin Update

Wreck It Ralph

Cupcake Ralph


Business Lemming

To unlock the Business Lemming you have to play as Nick Wilde and find a Popsicle on your way. Once you found it and you die you have unlocked the Business Lemming.


To unlock Priscilla you have to play as Flash and you need to hop 30 times in 30 Seconds. So you really have to go sloooowww. 🙂

Mickey Mouse and Friends

Detective Casey

To unlock Detective Casey you have to play as Chief O’Hara and get hit by a Police Car five times.

Big Hero Six

Abigail Callaghan

To unlock Abigail Callaghan you have to play as Hiro Super Suit and find her on an open field. Similar to the unlocking of Mortimer.

Weekend Challenge

The “Weekend Challenge” is a new feature that has been added with the Monsters Inc. Update. By completing all tasks of the Weekend Challenge you can unlock enchanted characters, that are only unlockable via the Weekend Challenge. Enchanted characters can pick up 10 Pixel Coins a day. The first Weekend Challenge is Pirates of the Caribbean and by completing all tasks you can unlock “Maccus” and the enchanted Character “Davy Jones”. The Daily challenge is based on a ticket system. You start with 5 lifes. When you loose a life it automatically refills after a certain time and it is quite fast. Once you die during a quest you can continue by paying tickets or you quit and loose a life. There are several ticket bundles starting from 0,99Cent up to 49,99Cents. While currently some might argue this is pay to win, Disney plans to introduce further free methods to generate Tickets with a new update. For instance, you have the option to skip quests, which costs you 15 coins.

Tip: There is a quest “Watch a Video Ad”! If you have enough coins you can skip through until you get the quest and progress a lot faster to unlock all characters. Repeat this all over again and you will have all characters quickly.



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