Disney Crossy Road Moana Update


The upcoming Disney Crossy Road Update for November will be “Moana” and it will be released on the 24th. With the new “The Nightmare before Christmas” update, two characters of the upcoming update were introduced: Moana Waialiki and Maui. Both lead you two a youtube video, while Maui leads you to a video where Dwayne the Rock Johnson talks the new Disney Crossy Road Update. The other video leads you to an upcoming teaser which currently isn’t yet available.


Moana Update Overview! Secret Character Unlockings Following soon!!!

Update Overview

Location: Lalotai: The Realm of the Monsters


Music: Shiny

Moana Standard Figurines

Maui, Moana, Chief Tui, Sina, Frigatebird, Gramma Tala, Pua, Kakamora Chief, Hei Hei, Ghost Matai

Moana Secret Characters (Missions) 

Frog Monster

To unlock the Frog Monster you need to complete the Moana Set, which contains of the following characters: Moana, Maui, Hei Hei and Pua.

Chicken Feed

To unlock Chicken Feed play as Hei Hei and collect 25 chicken feeds.

Gramma Tala’s Ghost

Play as Gramma Tala and die 25 times.

Maui’s Fishhook

Unlock the Daily Missions Character Toddler Moana and find Maui’s Hook.

Sloth Monster

Complete the Island Life Set.

Moana Secret Characters (Daily Missions)

Toddler Moana

Gazelle (The Lion King)

Wedding Dress Calhoun (Wreck It Ralph)

Other Secret Characters added with the Moana Update

The Lion King

Flower Mane

Play a Simba and find Flower Mane! (Lots of Zebras!)

Wreck It Ralph

Wedding Tuxedo Felix

Play as Wedding Dress Calhoun and find A Cube with Wedding Tuxedo Felix in it.


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