Disney Crossy Road Monsters Inc Update (September 2016)


The Disney Crossy Road Monsters Inc. Update was released on the 1st of September worldwide for iOS and Android devices. Windows and Amazon is yet to be rolled out. The Update adds characters of the famous Disney Pixar movie Monsters Inc. Moreover, this update introduces a big new feature, the “Weekend Challenge”. In total 28 characters have been added of which 15 (12 unlockable via Missions + 3 unlockable via Daily Missions) are secrets.

All Disney Crossy Road Monsters Inc. Secret Characters unlocked

Find out how to unlock all Secret Characters of the Disney Crossy Monsters Inc. Update in this video. If you like the video make sure to leave us a like. Don’t forget to share and comment it. Thank you all for your support.

Update Overview

Location: Monstropolis

Traps: Spotlight and Monsters in the River

Music: If I Didn’t Have You

Monsters Inc. Standard Figurines

Boo, Smitty, Randall, Roz, Needleman, Waxford, Mike, Celia, C.D.A Agent, Sulley, Flint, Mr. Waternoose

Monsters Inc. Secret Characters (Missions) 


To unlock Tony, you have to complete the “Men at Work”-Character Set, which includes: Jerry Jumbeaux Jr, Excecutioner, Flash, Brain Worker, Surge Protector and CDA Agent.


To unlock Spike, you have to complete the “Rough Around the Edges”-Character Set, which includes: Mr. Waternoose, Hook Hand, Babyhead, Chief Bogo and Crocodile.


To unlock Phlegm, you have to complete the “Monsters Inc. Heroes”-Character Set, which includes: Boo, Mike, Sulley, Celia and Roz.

Garbage Cube

You can find Garbage Cube by playing as Sulley. Just keep playing until you find it. Walk over it, die and you will have unlocked Garbage Cube.

Sim Kid

Play as Sulley, find and scare the Sim Kid ten times within multiple rounds and you will have unlocked Sim Kid.

Monsters Inc. Secret Characters (Daily Missions)


Other Secret Characters added with the Monsters Inc. Update



To unlock Lantern you need to Light up 30 Candles in the Haunted Mansion. You can use any Haunted Mansion character to complete this mission and to unlock Lantern.

The Queen

Play as Emperor Zurg of the Toy Story theme and play until you find the Queen Cards. Once you did this and you die you will have unlocked The Queen.

The Lion King

Blue Beetle

To unlock the Blue Beetle you need to play as Pumba and collect 50 Grubs.

Big Hero Six


Play as Fred Super Suit and find Heathcliff three times within multiple rounds.

Mickey Mouse and Friends

Clock Cleaners Goofy

Play as Goofy and find a clock on your way.

Chief O’ Hara

To unlock Chief O’ Hara play as Chief Bogo and pass 50 Criminals while crossing the roads.

Haunted Mansion

The Orator

Hop 100 times with Sally Slater to unlock the Orator.

Weekend Challenge

The “Weekend Challenge” is a new feature that has been added with the Monsters Inc. Update. By completing all tasks of the Weekend Challenge you can unlock enchanted characters, that are only unlockable via the Weekend Challenge. Enchanted characters can pick up 10 Pixel Coins a day. The first Weekend Challenge is Pirates of the Caribbean and by completing all tasks you can unlock “Maccus” and the enchanted Character “Davy Jones”. The Daily challenge is based on a ticket system. You start with 5 lifes. When you loose a life it automatically refills after a certain time and it is quite fast. Once you die during a quest you can continue by paying tickets or you quit and loose a life. There are several ticket bundles starting from 0,99Cent up to 49,99Cents. While currently some might argue this is pay to win, Disney plans to introduce further free methods to generate Tickets with a new update. You have the option to skip quests, which costs you 15 coins.

Tip: There is a quest “Watch a Video Ad”! If you have enough coins you can skip through until you get the quest and progress a lot faster to unlock all characters. Repeat this all over again and you will have all characters quickly.



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