MEMORY PATH by AD Game Studio (iOS and Android)


MEMORY PATH by AD Game Studio (iOS and Android)


MEMORY PATH by AD Game Studio for iOS and Android is a new mobile game that tests your memorizing skills. Get your character to the other platform, without falling of the vanishing path, so memorize where it is before it vanishes from sight.
Enjoy all three game modes with many different characters you can unlock. Go from platform to platform and level to level in the levels mode with 50 levels to complete. Or challenge your brain in the random mode and get from platform to platform, but if you fall your score is reset, so be even more careful. Or go into the Race Path and see how far you come without break.


– Three game modes
– Random levels , to see how good you are.
– Race Path, endless mode to see how far you can follow the path



Go fast, so you don’t need to memorize as much of the path.

Publisher / Developer

AD Game Studio