Microcube by ZPlay and Fabmika Games (iOS and Android)


Microcube by ZPlay and Fabmika Games (iOS and Android)


Microcube by ZPlay and Fabmika Games for iOS and Android is a challenging, one-tap, bounce game. Tap to move forward, as your character jumps by its own accord. This adventure is easy to learn, because you only need to know two things one I’ve already told you the other: avoid spikes and other deadly obstacles like enemies. Also you should collect mighty power-ups to make your runs easier. Microcube is endless as well as addictive.
Jump and tap about this beautifully designed world that is as colourful as unpredictable and will test your skills as a cube ;). Unlock many funny characters and beat your friend’s highscore to get into the leaderboards.


– Unlock adorable characters
– A beautiful and colourful world
– Many challenging obstacles



Be careful as your character jumps slightly forward each time, so he could jump into obstacles alone…

Publisher / Developer

Zplay / Fabmika Games