RUN SAUSAGE RUN by Crazy Labs (iOS and Android)


RUN SAUSAGE RUN by Crazy Labs (iOS and Android)


RUN SAUSAGE RUN by Crazy Labs for iOS and Android is a new fun mobile game. Tap to speed up your sausage’s pace. Normally it walks very slowly but if you tap it runs as fast as it can, as a sausage it has some limits…, as well as moving its upper body backwords, making it a smaller target. Use this ability to avoid all the obstacles, which vary from knives to hammers and saw blades.
Collect coins to unlock new characters and customize it to fit your favourite sausage, there are also characters like zombie and ghost. So run for your life and enjoy the ridiculousness of this gamne.


– Many different sausages to unlock
– Power-ups
– A variety of obstacles



Don’t sprint all the time as this will give you less time to assess which obstacles are coming next.

Publisher / Developer

Crazy Labs




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