Shooty Skies Destination Mars Update (June 2016)

Shooty Skies Destination Mars Update (11th June 2016)

The seventh Shooty Skies Update (Destination Mars) was released on the 11th of June 2016 and it contains six new general characters: Aliene, Bloop, Leemoo, Retrobot, Rocket Baboon, Uno Martian as well as four new secret characters: Hollie, Dr. Hoot, Mal and Even Universe. A new boss and  spaced out new bad guys, a new terrain “Red Planet”, a new weapon, the Zappulation Beam and a new sidekick: Hyper Raybot were added to the fun.

How to unlock all 4 New Secret Characters

How to unlock HOLLIE

In order to unlock HOLLIE you have to play as Uno Martian and get killed (!) by the new alien boss. It does not work if you kill the boss. As soon as you die HOLLIE will be unlocked.

How to unlock DR HOOT

Play as Hooty and make a Great Score or a High Score to unlock DR HOOT.

How to unlock MAL

To unlock MAL you need to play as Retro Robot or any of the new characters until you find a big monkey holding a black plate with his feet. After killing the monkey and the game is over MAL will be unlocked.

How to unlock EVEN UNIHORSE

To get EVEN UNIHORSE you have to play as Bloop and shoot down the wooden boxes. Collect the green, spheric items inside until you have 25 and unlock the secret character EVEN UNIHORSE.


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