Shooty Skies Halloween Update (October 2015)

Shooty Skies Halloween Update (14th  October 2015)

The first update of Shooty Skies was released on 14th of October 2015 on the App Store. It was the “Halloween” Update and it came with six new general characters: Frankie, Flying Dutchman, Ghost Shmoosher, Werefolfgang, Wanda and Vlad. Also, two new secret characters were added: MORTY and ZOMBIE KITTY.

How to unlock MORTY

In order to unlock the first of the two new secret characters called “MORTY” you have to play with all six new Halloween Characters (Frankie, Flying Dutchman, Ghost Shmoosher, Werewolfgang, Wanda and Vlad). Once you have played with all the new general characters you unlock MORTY.

How to unlock ZOMBIE KITTY

To unlock “ZOMBIE KITTY” you have to play with the standard character Shooty Cat. You have to play until you reach the new Halloween Boss (“It’s shamblin this way”). The moment the Halloween Boss enters the screen, you have to immediately smash into it. When you die the ZOMBIE KITTY will be unlocked!


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