Shooty Skies High Seas Pirates Ahoy Update (April 2016)

Shooty Skies High Seas Pirates Ahoy Update (20th April 2016)

The sixth Shooty Skies Update (High Seas Pirates Ahoy) was released on the 20th of April 2016 and it contains six new general characters: Jolly Badger, Hariel, Lecluck, Shelley, Captain Pugglewash, Saily Cat as well as six new secret characters: FIRST MATE FLOODBATH, DISCOBEARD, JACK,. New boss and new bad guys.


In order to unlock FIRST MATE FLOODBATH you have to play as Captain Pugglewash and find the new boss and kill him. That way you should unlock FIRST MATE FLOODBATH.

How to unlock DISCOBEARD

To unlock DISCOBEARD you have to play as LECLUC of the HIGH SEAS PIRATES AHOY UPDATE characters. You need to DISCOBEAR on his Party boat and kill him. When you succeed in doing so you will unlock DISCOBEARD.

How to unlock JACK

To unlock JACK you have to play as LECLUC and shoot down 15 to 20 green Parrots within multiple rounds. That way you should unlock JACK.


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