Shooty Skies Winter Christmasland Update (December 2015)

Shooty Skies Winter Christmasland Update (14th December 2015)

The third Shooty Skies Update (WINTER CHRISTMASLAND UPDATE) was released on the 14th of December and it contains six new general characters: Shooty Feet, Elfabear, Blitzen, Ho-Ho-Hobot, Hoppy Holiday, Poley, as well as four new secret characters: Toy Roboto Jr, Glazed Ham Solo, Sleigher and Yuley.  A new boss and bad guys. Furthermore it contains ReplayKit Support. Meaning you can record your own gameplay now!

How to unlock YULEY

The last secret character of the Christmas Winterland Update was kept secret until the 25th of December. You could and still can unlock this character by claiming the daily reward twelve consecutive times in a row. The hint was given by the developers on Twitter. YULEY is a reference to an old celtic Christmas Festival.

How to unlock SLEIGHER

In order to unlock SLEIGHER you have to play with any of the new Christmas Characters and defeat every Christmas enemy within one round. It was hardly impossible to unlock SLEIGHER for iOS before the new update. It is a certain enemy formation you have to shoot down. Since the new Update it was reported that it works like a charm. You have to kill all the enemies within one round.

How to unlock GLAZED HAM SOLO

To unlock GLAZED HAM SOLO – which is of course a reference to the fictional character of Star Wars Han Solo – you have to shoot down round about 10 wooden boxes and collect the content inside, which in this case were Candy Canes.

How to unlock TOY ROBOTO JR

In order to unlock TOY ROBOTO JR. you have to play with the new Christmas character HO-HO-Hobot and shoot down round about 15 wooden boxes and collect its content, which in this case were parts of a robot. You can do this in multiple rounds and you don’t have to do within one round.


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