Star Wars Crossy Road

Star Wars Crossy Road Coming in December 2017

According to a posting on the Disney Crossy Road Wikia by an anonymous source of the Mighty Games Group, Disney has approved the Prototype of their “Star Wars Crossy Road” which will be released in December 2017 coinciding with the release of Episode 8. Due to the approval of Star Wars Crossy Road and therefore its development, as well as their work on Disney Crossy Road, other Mighty Games Group games such as the original Crossy Road, as well as Shooty Skies won’t get updated frequently any more and just if they find the time.

World’s are being planned for Episode 4 – 8, Rogue One, Rebels and another animation series. They want to make Star Wars Crossy Road a big thing and are planning on adding some cool new mechanics, of which the biggest is a big character Creator. Also they plan on adding a Prize Machine, that will unlock hair, skin colors, clothing, light sabers etc. You can even name your character and put it into your character roster.  This all sounds very promising.

Furthermore, they state in the posting that the development will be really slow and that Disney could pull the plug at any time for that project depending on Disney’s strategic plannings. Let’s hope that they will be able to bring it out. Last but not least I want to mention that this is not officially confirmed and therefore could be a fake also. However, the informations in that posting are inside informations that nobody could make up really.

So let’s stay excited Road Crossers and hope to see you all in a galaxy far, far away.. 😉




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