SUPER PHANTOM CAT 2 by Veewo Games (iOS)


SUPER PHANTOM CAT 2 by Veewo Games (iOS)


SUPER PHANTOM CAT 2 by Veewo Games for iOS is a new platform game. Join Ari on his quest to find his kidnapped sister. On this adventure you must help him through the dangerous Phantom world. Many scary enemies await you, but you’ll also find awesome powers and allies as well as many secrets, which will help you through the Phantom World and get Ari closer to finding and rescuing his sister Ina.
Play as many different characters and try out many different and amazing powers such as breaking walls, stone or metal and turning annoying enemies into ice sculptures.


– Many awesome characters
– Awe-inspiring powers
– Many worlds and levels to explore



Try to go through every wall as therre could be a secret room behind it…

Publisher / Developer

Veewo Games