BUSHIDO BEAR by Spry Fox LLC (iOS and Android)


BUSHIDO BEAR by Spry Fox LLC (iOS and Android)


BUSHIDO BEAR by Spry Fox LLC for iOS and Android is a ninja themed mobile game. Your task is to defend the forest against the countless evil demons and monsters. Tap anywhere on your screen to move your ninja bear, to avoid arrows for example. To attack move your finger over your screen, this will create your bear’s attack path. Use your bear’s two swords to lay waste to your enemies and free the forest of their evil taint.
While playing you will be able to collect many different bears. The lone cub for example is slower but also smaller, which makes him harder to hit. Your first character’s skill is his two long swords which give him a better reach, which means you are able to hit more enemies at the same time. Which bear will be your favourite?


– Unlock 11 different bears
-Many different swords to unlock
– Intuitive gamplay



Be careful because there are some enemies that move, some faster some slower, but as you are not allowed to touch the enemies, always try to avoid to go too close to them when attacking.

Publisher / Developer

Spry Fox LLC



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