Cartoon Survivor Jurassic Adventure Runner by Spunge Games (iOS and Android)


Cartoon Survivor Jurassic Adventure Runner by Spunge Games (iOS and Android)


Cartoon Survivor Jurassic Adventure Runner by Spunge Games for iOS and Android is a new fun jump and run game. You have to get to the finish line before the dynamite on your jetpack explodes. To do so you have to steer your dodo through a track full of a variety of obstacles like dinosaur eggs, rocks and club-wielding enemies. Collect coins on your way to the finish line, these you can use to unlock new characters like dodos in different colours or even in lederhosen.
To move your dodo you have to swipe left and right on the left side of your screen. By tapping on the right side, you’ll make him jump. If you hold after tapping he’ll glide through the air. This way you can glide over muddy parts that would slow you down otherwise, or easily avoid many different obstacles.


– 42 different characters to unlock
– Simple and intuitive controls
– Fun and fitting design



Don’t forget to steer right and left, as it is not always possible to jump over an obstacle.

Publisher / Developer

Spunge Games



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