Crossy Road Piffle Update All Secret Characters Unlocked


Crossy Road Piffle Update All Secret Characters Unlocked (November 2018)

On October 4th Hipster Whale, the creators of Crossy Road, released their new game, called “Piffle” in cooperation with Mighty Games Group, the developers of Shooty Skies, for the App Store and Google Play. Just a few days ago Hipster Whale released a new update for Crossy Road: The Piffle Update. It comes with five new characters, four of which are secret characters: Waffles, Pineapple, Piffle Ball and Marmalade. The standard character is called Piffle just like the new game “Piffle”. It is a limited character that one can unlock for free. Piffle is needed to unlock the first of the secret characters. In this video you can find out how to unlock all four secret characters.

How to unlock Waffles, Pineapple, Piffle Ball and Marmelade

How to unlock Waffles

In order to unlock Waffles you have to play as Piffle and you need to find Waffles. You basically just have to keep your eyes open and travel a certain distance until you find him. Once you have located him you just have to hop upon him, Waffles will disappear and once you die you will have unlocked him.

How to unlock Pineapple

While Waffles is probably the most easy secret character to unlock Pineapple isn’t that far off. To unlock Pineapple you can play as any of the Piffle characters. All you have to do is find a truck with a big pineapple above and hop into it, which will kill you. However, you will be rewarded with Pineapple.

How to unlock Piffle Ball and Maralade

To unlock Piffle Ball and Marmalade you just have to collect a certain amount of different collectables, such as Donuts, Socks, Hourglasses and Discs, just to name a few. You might have to repeat the process several times.

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  1. You get marmalade by jumping into the pineapple truck with the pineapple. Thanks for the tip on getting the pineapple–you have to jump forward into the truck, getting fun over or jumping back into the truck, doesn’t work. Also note, the pineapple truck appears in a land of traffic without any other cars so look for that. 🐌👍👍


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