Disney Crossy Road Lilo and Stitch Update (April 2017)


Lilo and Stitch is the 14th Update of Disney Crossy Road since its release and it was one of the most demanded updates of all time.

All Secret Characters Unlocked

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Update Overview

Location: Kaua’i 


Lilo and Stitch Standard Figurines

Lilo, Nani, David Kawena, Mrs. Hasagawa, Mertle, Agt. Wendell Pleakley, Stitch, Cobra Bubbles, Grand Councilwoman, Dr. Jumba Jookiba, Space Suit Stitch, The Ugly Duckling, Scrump, Gantu, Luau Stitch, Luau Lilo, Mosquito, Prisoner Jumba, Rescue Lady, Lua Mertle, Hawaiian Shirt Jumba, Elvis Stitch, Elf Wendell, Santa Jumba, Super Hero Stitch, Vampire Stitch, Ice Cream Man, Witch Lilo and Chef Stitch

Lilo and Stitch Secret Characters (Missions) 

Space Suit Stitch

Complete the Space Invaders Set.

Ice Cream Man

Complete the Paradise in Hawai Set.

Rescue Lady

To unlock the Rescue Lady you need to play as Lilo and find five different stray dogs while hopping through the scenery.


Play as Space Suit Stitch and get hit by a car ten times within multiple rounds.

Prisoner Jumba

To unlock Prisoner Jumba play as the Grandcouncil Woman and find him in his cell. (Make sure that the gates of the cell open or otherwise you won’t unlock it)


Play as Agent Wendell Pleakley and find the mosquito floating over a basket.

Lilo and Stitch Secret Characters (Daily Missions)

Other Secret Characters added with the Lilo and Stitch Update