DRAGON HILLS 2 by Rebel Twins (iOS and Android)


DRAGON HILLS 2 by Rebel Twins (iOS and Android)


DRAGON HILLS 2 by Rebel Twins for iOS and Android is a new fun mobile game. Jump on your dragon to save humanity! The controls are simple: tap and hold to move downwards and release to go back up. While in the air collect coins and power-ups while destroying zombies and collecting their brains. Be careful with timing as there are many different obstacles that can hurt you and timing is key to avoiding things like spikes, pools of acid, as well as bullets from the zombies’ guns. So remember: hold to move downwards and release to go upwards, but as your dragon’s momentum runs out he will start to fall again, so be ready to tap again to increase your speed and potential to destroy some nasty zombies.


– Super fun, fast and furious gameplay
– Fully destructible terrain (buildings, bridges, vehicles and more)
– Epic boss battles, 21 towers to conquer and 3 completely different and exciting worlds to explore
– Upgradeable weapons, dragons and explosive power-ups available for unlocking
– Easy to learn, intuitive one-touch controls combined with innovative gameplay
– Achievements and leaderboards to compete with friends



The lower you go underneath the earth, the higher you will go upwards when come out again.

Publisher / Developer

Rebel Twins



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