Elevator by Ketchapp and Yabado (iOS and Android)


Elevator by Ketchapp and Yabado (iOS and Android)


Elevator by Ketchapp and Yabado for iOS and Android is a new fun mobile game. Your task is to jump from one elevator to the next, they only are gaps between two lines of three cubes. At the same time, you have to travel as far as possible. To jump from one gap to the next you only have to tap when they are at the same height. That means that timing is key here. The hard part is that some of them will start moving before you enter them and some are closed off to the right side, these you have to avoid!
Meanwhile, you can collect gems with which you can unlock new cubes.


– 45+ characters
– Classic Ketchapp design
– One-touch controls
– The perfect soundtrack to concentrate on the game



Sometimes there are sections where there are closed off parts, with those the “right” gap between blocks isn’t always obvious, but most times the “right” one holds a gem.

Publisher / Developer

Ketchapp / Yabado



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