Google introduces a Free App of the Week section to the Google Play Store


Google introduces a Free App of the Week section to the Google Play Store

Source: Venturebeat

Last week Google introduced a new section to the Play Store called „Free App of the week“. As the name of the new section already suggests Google will spotlight one free App on a weekly basis. Due to the oversupply of games and apps in the Google Play Store this move is a good way to highlight one specific app without confronting the user with thousands of other Apps. This will help the user to identify in no time whether he or she is interested in downloading the app or not. The original idea of this section dates back to Apple.

Source: Android Police

To stay up to date on this section keep an eye on it you can enter the section via mobile and desktop:

Unfortunately, this new section hasn’t been rolled out globally yet. So far, we haven’t found an official Google announcement of a worldwide launch of this feature, which supports the premise that this feature is currently only available to certain markets. Currently, we can only confirm that this section exists in the US and Germany. While in the US this new section is called „Free app of the week“ it is called „App Deal of the week“ in Germany, which means that the highlighted app of the week is not necessarily entirely free in Germany.

If you are located in another country and you can also confirm the new section please let us know in the comments and we will keep the article up to date.


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