HOVERCRAFT TAKEDOWN by High Score Hero LLC (iOS and Android)


HOVERCRAFT TAKEDOWN by High Score Hero LLC (iOS and Android)


HOVERCRAFT TAKEDOWN by High Score Hero LLC for iOS, Android and Amazon is a new racing mobile game that is more than your typical racing game. To play this new combat racing game: Tap on the left and right to move. Get close to your opponents to engage your weapons, to destroy the enemy cars. Avoid the enemies and their weapons as damage to your thrusters or weapons will destroy them or render them useless.
Collect pre-made cars or make your own, to spice up your gameplay. Upgrade your cars to get more and better weapons, to destroy more enemies in less time.


– Build a completely custom Hovercraft and arm it with guns, lasers, missiles, and more!
– Smash enemy vehicles to pieces and cause crazy chain reaction explosions!
– Equip up to 6 weapons simultaneously, and customize your loadout from thousands of possible combinations
– Long range sniper cannons? 360 degree tracking lasers? Triple fire homing rockets? How about all of them, at the same time!
– Blast your way through gorgeous rocky mountain passes at breakneck speeds
– Counter enemy weapons with dozens of unique power ups and weapon types
– Endless loot! Collect & win tons of rare, epic, and legendary consumables & gear from card packs



If you are a careful racer, build a small hovercraft that will be able to avoid the debris of your opponents, or if you are more brutal, build a bigger hovercraft that will be able to pack some damage before breaking.

Publisher / Developer

High Score Hero LLC




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