KETCHAPP BASKETBALL by Ketchapp and Estoty (iOS and Android)


KETCHAPP BASKETBALL by Ketchapp and Estoty (iOS and Android)


KETCHAPP BASKETBALL by Ketchapp and Estoty for iOS and Android is a new fun mobile game. Swipe towards the hoop to throw the ball. If it goes in you get one point and if it goes through the hoop without touching it you get two points, but if you don’t score this round is over and you restart from zero. Sometimes a star appears and if the ball comes in contact with it you collect it, use those stars to unlock many different balls.
Explore all four game modes: endless where you need to score as much as possible, without missing once. In the time challenge mode you have 20 seconds to get as many balls as you can through the hoop, but missing the hoop will not mean game over in this mode. Lastly in the bounce mode you need to score by bouncing the ball off the side walls, score as fast as possible as the points you get increase with every ball you get through the hoop, but this bonus reduces with time as well. Be careful as you also lose if you miss the hoop.


– Over three dozen balls to unlock
– 40 differently stlyed hoops to unlock
– 4 different game modes



Use the first few throws to score perfectly while the hoop isn’t moving, which means you score 2 or more points each throw, while it is still easier.

Publisher / Developer

Ketchapp / Estoty



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