PIXEL HEROES – Endless Arcade Runner by Eageron® (iOS and Android)


 PIXEL HEROES – Endless Arcade Runner by Eageron® (iOS and Android)


PIXEL HEROES – Endless Arcade Runner by Eageron® for iOS and Android is without doubt one of the hardest Jump ‘n’ Run games on the App Store. At first it seems simple: Tap on the left side to jump and on the right side of your screen to shoot. Also if you tap longer you jump higher.
Play the story mode to challenge yourself with 5 impossibly hard levels, while jumping and shooting to dodge enemy arrows (yes, you can shoot enemy arrows to stop them 😉 ).
Try out the survival mode to see how far you can go. Make highscores that beat your friends and see how good you are compared to players around the globe.
Not to forget the coins: collect coins to unlock over a dozen amazing, unique characters, or use your coins for checkpoints to get a head start on your hard path to victory.


– Pixel Design
– Leaderboard
– Story Mode and Survival Mode
– 5 Worlds with unique scenery and music
– 13 Unlockable Pixel Heroes with unique design
– Challenge yourself with the near impossible!



Some monsters need more than one hit to die:
– goblins and skeletons: 2 hits
– dragons: 4 hits

Publisher / Developer

Eageron® / DaMobileMob



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