Promote Your Mobile Game

Promote Your Mobile Game

DaMobileMob was launched as a youtube-only channel in May 2015 dedicated to make videos on mobile games by independent and premium developers and publishers. As we have grown as a channel and website the amount of emails that we receive everyday requesting a review or video of mobile games, exceeded the capacity of our resources. Therefore, even if we wished we are not able to cover all mobile games that are being sent to us.

However, our mission to provide a platform to developers and publishers of mobile games remains strong and that is why we want to provide a new form of promotion for your mobile games. The best part about this is, that it is completely FREE.

How does it work?

Write an exclusive, UNIQUE and unbiased article about your mobile game and send it to us with your presskit attached. After reviewing the article we will decide wether it is in accordance with the journalists press codex. If not, we will reserve us the right to edit the article to be able to publish it. If we are not able to review your game, feel free to send us your game’s trailer and we will be happy to upload it to our channel.

Requirements of free submissions:

  • Unique description of your app that has not published elsewhere. Descriptions copied from the App store will be refused immediately!!!
  • Only applications and reviews in English will be considered.

For all inquiries regarding articles, reviews and trailers, email us today!

Note: We do not publish posts that have been published somewhere else (e.g. company blog, Facebook, App Store description, another publication). [Be sure that we will verify this]

Note: Your game trailer has to apply to certain quality standards.