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Shooty Skies

Shooty Skies is the debut game of Mighty Games Group. Mighty Games Group is based in Australia and consits of 2/3 of the creators of Crossy Road. They have created an amazing Buzz with that game. Furthermore they are partnering with Prettygreat. Their debut game Land Sliders has already generated over 1 Million downloads.

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!BRAND NEW! Shooty Skies Chinese New Year Update (3rd February 2016) !BRAND NEW!

The fourth Shooty Skies Update (CHINESE NEW YEAR UPDATE) was released on the 3rd of February 2016 and it contains six new general pilots/characters, two new hidden/secret pilots/characterts, as well as new bosses and bad guys. Furthermore it contains a new mode which is called Ball Challenge.

How to unlock all 15 Secret Characters

How to unlock MONKEY KING

How to unlock YA ZI

How to unlock all 13 Secret Characters

!BRAND NEW! Shooty Skies Winter Christmasland Update (14th December) !BRAND NEW!

The third Shooty Skies Update (WINTER CHRISTMASLAND UPDATE) was released on the 14th of December and it contains six new general pilots/characters, four new hidden/secret pilots/characterts, as well as new bosses and bad guys. Furthermore it contains ReplayKit Support. Meaning you can record your own gameplay now!

How to unlock Yuley

How to unlock SLEIGHER

How to unlock GLAZED HAM SOLO

How to unlock TOY ROBOTO JR

How to unlock ???

!BRAND NEW! Shooty Skies BLACK FRIDAY Update (17th November) !BRAND NEW!

The second Shooty Skies Update (BLACK FRIDAY UPDATE) was released on the 17th of November and it contains six new general pilots/characters, two new hidden/secret pilots/characters, as well as one new boss (CashMashine), some new enemies and general bug fixes.


How to unlock RODDY CAT

Six New General Characters in Action (iOS Gameplay):

How to unlock all 7 secret characters:

Shooty Skies All Characters Unlocked


Shooty Skies was released on 30th of September 2015 on the App Store. The Android version of the game has been announced without any set date yet. All Android users need to stay tuned!

How to unlock DRAMA LLAMA

The story behind the “Drama Llama” is an old people’s music joke. It is a reference to the american band Hootie and the Blowfish. You have to achieve a highscore with the character “Hooty” and afterwards achieve a highscore with the character “Blobby”.


To unlock “Pew Pew Pew” you have to play with a western or cowboy background (Prickles, Boomer or Rattles). It has been reported that it is the easierst with Rattles. You have to keep shooting from the start and keep shooting until the first boss or longer. That way you will be able to unlock “Pew Pew Pew”.


You can unlock “Hipster Whale” by playing with the Crossy Chicken. Furthermore you have to defeat either the “Crossy Boss” or the “Eagle Boss”, called “Freedom”. When you have done that you just have to die and you will get the “Hipster Whale”.


To unlock Sparkles you can play with any of the characters playable in Shooty Skies. You have to play until you find a Nyan Rainbow Cat in a TV that shoots with rainbow cubes at you. Or every little now and then there appears a special character that you have to kill. That way you will unlock “Sparkles”! So it’s not just the Rainbow Cat!

How to unlock ZOMBUNNIE

Play with the character “Fuzzy Bunny”. From the beginning navigate the Fuzzy Bunny into the left corner and charge your super attack. Don’t move until your being killed. That way you unlock the ZomBunnie.


The first update of Shooty Skies was released on 14th of October 2015 on the App Store.

How to unlock MORTY

Play with all six new Halloween Characters (Frankie, Flying Dutchman, Ghost Shmoosher, Werewolfgang, Wanda and Vlad) to unlock the first of the two Halloween Characters, called “Morty”.

How to unlock ZOMBIE KITTY

Play as the standard character Shooty Cat. Play until you reach the Boss that is being announced with the badge that states “It’s shambling this way”. The second the Halloween boss enters the screen, you have to immediately smash into it. You die and the Zombie Kitty will be unlocked!


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