Splashy Dots by Crimson Pine Games (iOS and Android)


Splashy Dots by Crimson Pine Games (iOS and Android)


Splashy Dots by Crimson Pine Games for iOS and Android gives you the unique chance to mix beautiful colors and brain-melting puzzles. At first it seems easy: swipe for the color to move up, down, left or right, but you’ll realize fast that it is much more. As you swipe you will meet simple puzzles, but they will get much harder as the number of dots increases because then you will need to think about every move you make for you to find the solution.
Enjoy this amazing puzzler with the relaxing background music and simple canvas background. Swipe and solve each puzzle that is set before you, but don’t get stressed as you aren’t timed on how fast you are at solving the levels.


– Origial gameplay
– Unique are style
– Easy to play, hard to master
– Lots of different levels with unique Color combinations



Give your brain time to consider all the possibilities from where the last dot can be reached and like that find the solution from the “other” end of the puzzle

Publisher / Developer

Crimson Pine Games


Coming soon to Android!


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