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#DaMobileMob is a Youtube-Channel and brand that is all about mobile gaming. We like to review all sorts of mobile games. We review all kinds of genres, as well as, all types of games, such as, F2P, Paid or Indie Games! What we do not review are obviously reskinned or copied games, or games of developers that want to make a quick buck by offering an enormously high Ad-Frequency.

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Don’t hesitate! We take a look at all mobile game submissions! Nonetheless, we reserve us the right to choose either we cover a game or not! Send us all the necessary informations: Links, Press kit, Screenshots etc.

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We will take a look at your submission. Please wait until you get a response. We will get in contact with you independetly of if we cover your game or not. If we don’t we will explain you why we won’t.

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